NGV Conversion Kit

The company also provides service and maintenance to all NGV vehicles i.e. change of engine oil, regular check on NGV kits. Every vehicle fitted with NGV kits and cylinders by our authorized NGV installer are given a service & maintenance booklet. Subsequent servicing and maintenance of the vehicle will be done at our authorized service centre.


Type of Conversion Kits Technology

        • Carburetor Vehicles - Electronic CNG kit for carburetor cars, consisting of electronic CNG converter, switches with gas starting automatic priming and gas level indicator, petrol solenoid valve, manometer, filling valve, and pipe set.
      • Catalyzed Injection Vehicles - Electronic CNG kit for catalyzed injection cars, consisting of electronic CNG converter, switch with petrol starting with selectable acceleration and deceleration change and gas level indicator, gas control mechanism, manometer, filling valves, and pipe set.
      • Sequential Injection System - Sequential injection gas conversion system is designed to fuel motor vehicles with CNG in gaseous state. It can be used for both “full group” and “phased” systems. The electric injector control, whether single or multiple, is automatically determined by the control system during the adjustment phase. This product is the most modern and technologically advanced system today available on the market.